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The Pilgrim Story of Economic Freedom with Leo Martin DVD

$15.00 plus shipping & handling

A 25 minute guided tour of the given by Leo the Miller.  Great for teachers and home school parents. Learn the economics of the Pilgrims, the 6 simple machines, the migration of the river herring and the story of Pilgrim John Jenney and his mill. Great homeschooling video.


Pilgrim Pursuit of Happiness written by Leo Martin

$12.00 plus shipping and handling – Autographed Best Seller!

This little book is packed full of historical facts and stories that need to be read and re-read.  Leo, with a storytelling style of his own, tells the story of faith, sacrifice, struggles, and survival. You will want to read this book over and over again and also to your children and your grandchildren.


Pilgrim Pursuit of Happiness DVD with Leo Martin

$15.00 plus shipping and handling

In this 52 minute DVD Leo Martin tells the story of the Pilgrims beginning in England, then to Holland as they board the Mayflower and journey across the Atlantic to Plymouth.  Learn why they separated from the church of England, what led them to Holland and why they decided to leave for the new world. Why would 102 people board a ship and leave everything behind? What part did their faith in God play in their decision and in their everyday lives. Join Leo on the discovery to answer these questions and more in a way that only Leo can tell a story. Best seller!


Plymouth in the Words of Her Founders

$12.00 plus shipping and handling – autographed Best Seller!

A tour book of the historic monuments in Plymouth Massachusetts By Dr. Paul Jehle.


Keeping Faith -Forefathers Monument DVD  

$15.00 plus shipping and handling

Join Dr. Paul Jehle on a guided tour of the largest solid granite monument in our country. Learn where our forefathers stood on Morality, Education, Law, and Liberty. 50 minutes


Keeping Faith -Forefathers Hat

$15.00 plus shipping and handling

Black or Navy Blue with embroidered image of Forefathers Monument on front.


1599 Geneva Bible Leather Edition 

$49.95 plus shipping and handling

Free CD with searchable Bible text.Read the Bible of the Pilgrims and the Reformers. Word for word accuracy, Easy to read print, original cross references, includes articles by Gary DeMar and Dr. Marshall. Black Leather.


1599 Geneva Bible Patriot Edition Hardcover

$39.95 plus shipping and handling

History and Impact of the Geneva Bible, Prayer of George Washington, Historical Documents- The Magna Carter, Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, The Articles of the Confederation, The Constitution of the United States, Rules of Civility


 The Jenney Book – John Jenney of Plymouth, and his Descendants

 $40.00 plus shipping and handling

This book is a must if you are a descendant of John. Compiled from the manuscripts of Bertha Clark and Susan Tufts with a chapter on the Jennings branch by Herman Winslow Jennings. Edited by Judith Gurney. Limited copies available.


Many other books and DVD’s about the Pilgrims for adults and children

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