Boston Tour


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“The Pilgrims started something big in Plymouth, though they were never large in numbers.  Like a seed planted in the soil of a wilderness, what emerged were ideas of self-government that spread to the Puritan plantations that began in 1630.The Puritans slowly adopted many of the ideals of the Pilgrims, and over time laid the foundation for a nation that protected liberty of conscience and a free economy.”



 “If you would like to see the fruit of what the Pilgrims began, you can book a tour with one of our guides in Boston where you will learn the source of the ideas that fanned the flames of the American Revolution and produced the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.  These documents secured in law what had already been planted in the hearts of the people.  Walk the streets of Boston, hear the stories and the drama that brought these ideas to life, and allow the personalities of the patriots to inspire you today. If the Pilgrims of 1620 are the root of many of the ideas that eventually produced liberty in America, the patriots of 1776 are the fruit of that same “liberty tree.”


See 16 sites including The Freedom Trail, Old State House, Paul Revere’s Home, and the Boston Massacre!


Walking tours of Boston run a minimum of  3 hours, but we can customize to fit your schedule.

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