The Work is Being Done

 Some of Our Volunteer Friends


Volunteer Day!

Volunteer Day! A. D. Makepeace Company help with yard work and to build our cranberry bog.


New Hope Chapel Plymouth pitches in to help!


IMG_3691     IMG_3674IMG_3681IMG_3692



Future Exhibit Space

Many thanks to all the guys who helped to install the 400 beam in the ceiling of the Jenney Museum.

Planning the next move for the I-beam

Moving the I-beam into the building

Carpenters Mark Swan and Bill Duggan help to bring in thebeam.




Putting the beam in place


The beam is installed

















Thank you Hampshire Hardwoods for the donation of 100 year old white pine that will be used in one of our exhibit rooms and to the guys installing the wood! We could not do this without you!


The Cranberry Exhibit Room

IMG_2245 IMG_2249




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