About Us

The Jenney Museum is our new home. For 10 years we managed and did business as the Jenney Grist Mill. We have changed our name and our location, but not the way we do business. We are now located in front of the Jenney Grist Mill. The property is next to the site where Pilgrim John Jenney had his grist mill and where his corn exchange, or bank, was located. Leo Martin was the miller at the Jenney Grist Mill. He operated the grist mill and conducted all of his tours from that site. We are now doing tours out of the building located at 48 Summer Street. The property backs up to the site of the Jenney Grist Mill. The Jenney Grist Mill was built in 1636 by Pilgrim John Jenney. Part of our mission is to tell the story of John and how he began industry in our country by building the Jenney Grist Mill.

In November of 2011 we moved our operation out of the Jenney Grist Mill on Spring Lane to the Jenney Museum located on the corner of Spring Lane and Summer Street. The house, built in 1749 houses two exhibit rooms, a gift shop and offices. We are in the process of raising funds to establish the lower level of the Museum into another area that will have a bakery and agricultural exhibits. Our former domain was www.jenneymuseum.org and our email was info@jenneygristmill.org.

We are dedicated to preserving the history of the town of Plymouth beginning with the Pilgrim story up to this present day. We have been listed as the number one attraction/ tour in Plymouth on TripAdvisor.com for the past several years.