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The Pilgrims were a people of faith. Every day at the Museum we give educational tours depicting the Pilgrim story and what they believed. Along with our daily educational tours and programs we also have outreach programs and special events available. 


American Heritage Tours –

This special intensive, three hour tour is offered six times a year.

Join Leo Martin and Dr. Paul Jehle, and other local historians on this exciting journey to re-discover the  Christian roots of our country! Includes admission to the Jenney Museum and light refreshments.

           Only Two 2017 Tour Dates Left!


           September 23   &    October 14

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Picture1                                                             Dr. Paul Jehle                      


Leo Martin

This special three hour tour is meant to dig deeper into the faith of the Pilgrims and what they believed and how it influenced their everyday lives. Tour includes the National Monument to the Forefathers, a walking tour of the historic district and the Jenney Museum. Suggested for adults and children 6 – 17 years. Includes light refreshments. Reservations are required.

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Teaching Series with Leo Martin 

“The Pilgrim’s God”  Series Leo Martin

Discover how their covenant relationship with God influenced the everyday life of the Pilgrims and how they used their gifts for the benefit of the community. Learn the importance of the family unit, how they viewed education, and how the Providence of God led them to America.

In this series of talks, speaker and local historian, Leo Martin and his wife, Nancy,  bring the Pilgrim’s story to life in these 45 minute thought provoking presentations. We are available to speak to your church, school, group, or organization.

Topics in this series include:

  • Biblical Principles in the Development of Our Country

  • The Pilgrim Pursuit of Happiness

  • The First Thanksgiving

  • The Second Thanksgiving

  • Building a Biblical Based Community

  • Pilgrim Economics

  • The Pilgrim Family – “ what can we learn from them?

  • The Providence of God Today!

Leo Martin, Director of Education, presents The Pilgrim’s God series to youth groups, homeschooling families, church groups, and Christian schools or organizations.  Call for information or to book a speaking engagement for your church or school.

To visit the Museum and take one our educational tours, call Nancy Martin at 508-747-4544.

Boston Tours – 1-3 hour tours

Guided Christian history educational tours of Boston, including Cambridge, the US Constitution and more.

“The Pilgrims started something big in Plymouth, though they were never large in numbers.  Like a seed planted in the soil of a wilderness, what emerged were ideas of self-government that spread to the Puritan plantations that began in 1630.  The Puritans slowly adopted many of the ideals of the Pilgrims, and over time laid the foundation for a nation that protected liberty of conscience and a free economy.”
 “If you would like to see the fruit of what the Pilgrims began, you can book a tour with one of our guides in Boston where you will learn the source of the ideas that fanned the flames of the American Revolution and produced the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.  These documents secured in law what had already been planted in the hearts of the people.  Walk the streets of Boston, hear the stories and the drama that brought these ideas to life, and allow the personalities of the patriots to inspire you today.  If the Pilgrims of 1620 are the root of many of the ideas that eventually produced liberty in America, the patriots of 1776 are the fruit of that same “liberty tree.”

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Boston’s Historic Puritan Trail AKA (Freedom Trail)  Coach or Walking Tours
Book a walking tour of the “Puritan Trail ” aka the (Freedom Trail) led by an 18th Century Costumed Guide.
Begin your tour at the Boston Common, America’s oldest public park, where they grazed cattle, trained the militia, where witches & pirates were hanged and great Preachers preached! You will hear and see the site of the events that sparked the War for Independence. These tours are outside, and cover 11 out of 16 sites from  (Boston Common, Massachusetts State House, Park Street Church, Granary Burying Ground, Kings Chapel and the burial ground, Site of the First Public School and Ben Franklin statue next to Josiah Quincy Statue, Old City Hall, Old South Meeting House, Old State House, Boston Massacre site and Faneul Hall.) Paul Revere Home and the Old North Church.And then board your coach and drive across the Charles River to the Charlestown Navy Yard. Time permitting, you will board the oldest commissioned warship in the United States Navy, the U.S.S. Constitution, “Old Ironsides”! (Not available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.)The price does not include entry into any of the fee-based Museums!

Wear comfortable shoes. We will follow the red line!

A great historical tour, which coincides with classroom curriculum and the student’s age. And we strive to make our tours enlightening and entertaining as well as informative and educational.


Plymouth Rock Foundation Bookstore

Books, CD’s, DVD,s on the Pilgrims, Patriots and Founding Fathers, home school and Christian education resources. Visit Plymouth Rock Foundation.

Most items are available at the Jenney Museum. Call or stop by for information.