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2017 Season


April 3rd through November 25th

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Please call 508-747-4544 or email us at Please leave detail on which tour(s) or program you are interested in, the date and  time you would like and your name and a cell phone number where we can contact you and the number of adults and children in your party.  A credit card is required to hold your reservation.

Please note, you must receive a confirmation before your reservation is booked. We will call you to confirm. If you do not hear back from us please call 508-747-4544.  Tours may be booked the day of your visit, but we suggest you book 24 hours in advance to insure availability. If times don’t fit your schedule please call, we may have other times available.



 (Please note we are closed on Sundays)

Call for more information 508-747-4544


Discover Plymouth’s History – Walking Tour

New times are added daily, call or email for additional times.


 Schedule for May 22th – May 27th


Monday – 9:30 am & 1:30 pm (indoor if raining)


Tuesday – 9:30 am & 1:30 pm

Wednesday –  1:30 pm

Thursday –  12:30 pm


Friday –  11:00 am  & 3:00 pm

Saturday – 9:30

Monument to the Forefathers 

Please call for other times


Monday – 11:00 am & 3:00 pm


Tuesday – 11:00 am & 3:00 pm

Wednesday –  3:00 pm

Thursday –  call for afternoon times only


Friday –  call for times


Saturday – 11:00 am


Conversations with a Pilgrim

Conversations with a Pilgrim” is our new series of programs. Meet a Pilgrim, listen to stories and have a discussion on a variety of subjects. This interactive series will include topics on the life of Pilgrim men, women, children, fathers and mothers, the family, economics, slavery and more! Come join in the conversation!

Space will be limited and reservations are required.


Leo the miller IMG_9633“Pilgrim Economics”

How Did They Do What They Did?”

Not many survivors, not much food, sickness abounds….through these hardships, was setting up an economic system even a consideration? You will not only learn what they did to survive, but to grow and prosper. Come talk with Leo, an expert on the Pilgrim story. Hear stories that will move and inspire you. Stories that will help you see the Pilgrims in a whole new light!  Offered throughout the day. Call for a reservation.

Program times:

12:00 & 4:00 pm  Monday through Saturday (time and program subject to change)

“Were the Pilgrims the first Abolitionists”                                            

Join in a discussion about slavery. Learn how it began here in Plymouth, who fought to abolish it, who were some of the unknown heroes of that time and up to our current day. Is slavery still happening in our country today? We invite you to join with us as we tackle this difficult subject.

Program times:

11:00 & 3:00 pm  Monday through Saturday (time and program subject to change)

“Discover Plymouth’s History”- a Virtual Tour of Plymouth

Designed for those who do not want to or cannot do a walking tour. Meet Leo, your guide, who will take you back in time on a journey through the history of Plymouth. You will hear stories about the people, places, and events that shaped the beginning of our country. Fun and informative. Find out why we think history should never be boring! This program is our walking tour without all the walking!



Join Dr. Paul Jehle & Leo Martin on this exciting journey to re-discover the foundational roots of our country! Includes admission to the Jenney Museum.

IMG_8718 ff monument 2017  Tour Dates

May 20th

June 24th

July 22nd

September 23rd

October 14th

Time: 10:00 am – 1:30 pm

includes light refreshments! Program is subject to change.


Leo Martin 037

 Save the Date and plan to

“Celebrate Family”

                             August 18 & 19

Join us as we gather together to celebrate the importance of the family to a civil society!

This August, we will celebrate “the family” as part of our yearly celebration events building up to our “Celebrate America” event in the year 2020 marking the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims and the founding of our country.
The Pilgrims founded our country on the strength of the family, not the state. In the family people learned to first govern themselves with a consistent rule of law, and that law was Biblical law. A law that was  above all human law and therefore could not be changed by humans.
The Pilgrims felt that the more you governed yourself from the inside the less you needed to be governed from the outside. This principle, learned in the family,  would work its way up through the government.
Is this principle still relevant today?
How can we apply it to our lives?


We will celebrate with a Pilgrim Progress, music, drama, educational tours and seminars! If you were with us last year at Celebrate Freedom, this will continue on with the story where we left off! More details coming soon.  Volunteers and sponsors are needed to make this a great event!
Call Nancy Martin at 508-747-4544 for more information.